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Mysis are not a true shrimp though they do closely resemble and are, in fact a primitive relative of the shrimp found in the oceans. There are 58 genus of mysis which make up the Mysidae family.

PE Mysis® is 100% Mysis diluviana (formerly M. relicta) which is one of the two type of freshwater Mysidae. All other species of Mysis are either saltwater or estuarine species.

PE Mysis® are part of the zooplankton, the small invertebrate animals found in lakes that feed on microscopic algae (phytoplankton) as well as other zooplankton. In turn these organisms form the basis of the food supply for many fish.


The mysid species in the North American Great Lakes, formerly identified as Mysis relicta, has been renamed Mysis diluviana based on genetic studies (Väinölä et al. 1994; Audzijonytë and Väinölä 2005; Dooh et al. 2006) which separated Mysis relicta into 4 separate species Collectively these species are now referred to as the Mysis relicta group species: Mysis relicta occurs in northern Europe and brackish portions of the Baltic Sea; M. salemaai is the mysis in offshore Baltic Sea, the British Isles, and southern Scandinavia; M. segerstralei has a circumpolar distribution along the Arctic coasts and islands of Eurasia and North America and also occurs in lakes of these northern regions; and M. diluviana inhabits continental freshwater lakes of the once-glaciated northern North America, including the Great Lakes (Audzijonytë and Väinölä 2005). Each of the 4 species has distinct genetic and morphological characteristics (although characteristics like length and shape of the setae (hairlike bristles) have to be examined to tell them apart).


How is it Different from Zooplankton...

There are two differences between PE Mysis® and the other zooplankton typically found in lakes.

  1. PE Mysis® have a longer lifespan and usually live upwards of two years. The typical zooplankton, composed of animals known as copepods, cladocerans and rotifers, live anywhere from only several days to several months. PE Mysis® is a nutritionally complete food. PE Mysis® is a natural product enriched by the food chain of the lakes from which it is harvested. This is because of Mysis relicta's highly diversified eating habits. The extremely high levels of EPA and DHA (fatty acids) is related to the food chain found in deep cold waters, such as those where Mysis is harvested. These fatty acids not only provide your fish with essential nutrition, but also stimulate an energetic feeding response.How PE Mysis®
  2. PE Mysis® range in size from newly released young of about one-eight inch to adults of up to 3/4 inch. The other zooplankton are normally much smaller ranging from one one-hundredth to one tenth of an inch in total length. It is the size of the Mysis that makes them of interest as a fish food. Fish that consistently feed on Mysis grow much faster than those feeding strictly on the other smaller zooplankton. Mysis are extremely high in nutritional value and are salt free.

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