Piscine Energetics is happy to showcase Southwatch Seahorse Farm as our Featured Breeder for April 2014.  Southwatch Seahorse Farm has been using PE MYSIS as THE core diet for all their captive raised seahorses for the last several years!

Southwatch Seahorse Farm is a commercial aquaculture facility located on the West coast of Florida that specializes in Syngnathidae.  Southwatch was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing quality seahorses and pipefish for the aquarium industry.  Due to a primitive digestive system, most seahorses and pipefish rely heavily on the quality of the food they ingest.  With thoughtful diligence, these beautiful creatures can be reared onto a frozen diet and PE Mysis® the best product available.  The wild diet preserved inside the Mysis as they are flash-frozen ensures maximum nutrition with the ease of convenience.   Our seahorses and pipefish can’t get enough and the nutritional value shines through in our finished product.  We have Piscine Energetics to thank for their impeccable staff, marvelous product and sustainable operations.

Jon Woods
Director of Operations
Southwatch Seahorse Farm

10 reasons to buy Captive Bred Seahorses from Southwatch:
1)      Our seahorses are reared in crystal clear, parasite and disease-free systems for the highest quality product.
2)      Seahorses and pipefish are disappearing from our oceans and captive-bred species are the answer.
3)      Our seahorses are weaned onto PE Mysis® for a minimum of 30 days before they are considered available.
4)      All Southwatch products are aquacultured in the USA.
5)      We offer pre-purchase consultations regarding water quality, tank requirements and tankmates for our seahorses.
6)      We practice sustainable operations that include all LED lighting, variable speed pumps and water reclamation.
7)      Our seahorses are comfortable around other species of fish and invertebrates, eliminating the need for species-only systems.
8)      Our seahorses are hardier than wildcaught species and are highly accustomed to aquarium life.
9)      Whereas most seahorses are reluctant feeders, ours will feed readily right in front of your eyes.   
10)   Southwatch collaborates with Universities and Research Institutes on key issues regarding over-harvesting and disease prevention.



About Our Facility

Southwatch Seahorse Farm is a State certified aquaculture facility. We opened our doors in early 2009 steming from decades of experience and fascination.  Starting as a small operation, the facility has recently been expanded to accommodate our growing technology and production.  Our facilities cannot be categorized.  They incorporate the functionality of an aquaculture facility with the beauty and wonder of a public aquarium.  State of the art technology and the most current husbandry practices ensure that our animals are well cared for and healthy.  We protect wild populations of seahorses by providing an alternative to the collection of these delicate species.

Southwatch Seahorse Farm uses natural water sources which are then filtered using commercial Reverse Osmosis and De-Ionization devices.  This provides the cleanest natural source of water and fortifies the health of our seahorses. Southwatch does not return any water into the ground or other water supplies.

Our state of the art food culture facility provides varieties of live foods that are essential for each stage of growth. We enrich our foods with natural elements to ensure that each animal is receiving proper nutrition. This enrichment contributes to the overall wellness of our animals.

Southwatch ensures the health of our animals by utilizing minimal stocking densities.  Our systems are carefully designed and expertly crafted by local manufacturers.   We utilize acrylics as opposed to fiberglass construction.  This allows for maximum observation, which is necessary during the early stages of rearing.  Each system is designed for a specific purpose and is filtered with the highest standards of water quality in mind.  Our systems are strictly monitored to provide the cleanest and healthiest environment for our animals.

Our facility is held to the highest degree of Bio-Security.  We maintain a strict level of cleanliness and sanitization throughout each branch.

We thank you for choosing to protect endangered populations of seahorses in every ocean.

aquaculture certification # AQ3251157