March 2014 - Tennessee Aquarium

Tennessee Aquarium

Located on the banks of the Tennessee River in Chattanooga and surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, the Tennessee Aquarium tells the story of the river – following the path of a raindrop from the streams of an Appalachian Forest to the Gulf of Mexico – from the mountains to the sea.  Although the Aquarium has grown in size and in animal population since it’s opening in 1992, its story and its mission as a private, non-profit institution have remained the same; ‘to inspire wonder, appreciation and protection of water and all life that it sustains.’

The Tennessee Aquarium also operates the IMAX 3D Theater and the River Gorge Explorer.  Just a block away from the Tennessee Aquarium, IMAX lets you plunge into an amazing underwater adventure or travel to the farthest reaches of the universe at Chattanooga's premiere movie theatre. Located at the Chattanooga Pier, the River Gorge Explorer is the Southeast’s only high-speed catamaran and allows you to travel at speeds of up to 50 mph with an Aquarium naturalist down the Tennessee River.  

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The Tennessee Aquarium envisions a world that values all aquatic environments

The Tennessee Aquarium inspires wonder, appreciation and protection of water and all life that it sustains.

Defining Statement:
The Tennessee Aquarium is a vital link connecting people to freshwater and the ocean beyond.  Our excellent exhibits and dynamic living collection entertain and inform.  We celebrate and seek to protect the rich biodiversity of the Southeast.  We lead and partner to make a meaningful difference in the economic and environmental well-being of our community.

Core Values:

  • Customer Service – Exceed expectations.
  • Efficiency – Optimum use of all resources.
  • Environmental Stewardship – Promote individual and institutional responsibility.
  • Quality – Excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • Respect – Always value each person.

Operating Values:

  • Make sustainability a constant focus.
  • Provide exceptional customer service.
  • Offer exciting exhibits and educational programs.
  • Optimize attendance, including audiences of limited means.
  • Ensure financial stability.
  • Enrich educational, research and conservation activities.
  • Support staff and volunteer development opportunities.
  • Provide positive economic impact for the Chattanooga region.