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Save Your Local Aquarium

Buy a bucket of our PRISTINE-QUALITY nutritious fish food,

and we’ll donate the same bucket to your local aquarium to support the #saveyouraquarium campaign.

You can help support your local zoo and aquarium by providing
nutritious and sustainable fish food for both their tank – and yours.

Does This Sound Familiar?

The fish food you’re giving your marine pets harms them, lowers their life span, and pollutes your aquarium.

The majority of fish food products are made up of “Brine Shrimp”, a shrimp that’s farmed, filled with additives, overcooked, and dried before being put in pellet form.

The extreme heat caused by the processing of this food produces ash that is inorganic, and even though it contains protein, that protein is non-digestible and unhealthy for your fish and their ecosystem.

When your fish cannot get enough nutrition out of their food, they require MORE food. With more food comes more waste products, making your marine pets excrete a lot of ammonia, leaving your tanks dirty and messy.

If You're Thinking ''The result?'

Fish Waste

Your fish cannot acquire the nutrition they need, leaving them wanting more food and producing more waste.


This malnutrition creates a poor energetic feeding response, significantly shortening the lifespan of your fish.

Cleaning Cost

You spend more money on food and cleaning water atmospheres (e.g. ponds and tanks,) resulting in paying a higher total price.


But now, you can bring all the marine life you adore so much, the palatable, nutritionally dense, pristine-quality fish food they need (and deserve.)

Fish food created by the Piscine Energetics Lab (PE®) is created differently than other fish food products.

We collect Mysis Shrimp fresh from the Freshwater Lakes in British Columbia and then put them through a flash freeze process that preserves all their vital nutrients.

PE® MYSIS are rich in easily digestible, uncooked protein, as well as essential fatty acids that are harvested using our patented process at the exact time when Mysis shrimp are actively feeding on phytoplankton.

Unlike other fish food products, our Mysis is not pre-dried and overcooked, allowing it to retain its high protein and fatty acid contents and making it easily digestible and highly nutritious for your marine pets.

Our patented process does not compromise the integrity of raw materials and ultimately results in the best-preserved nutritional profile available.


What does this mean for your marine pets?

Your fish will get MORE nutrition from LESS food.

More affordable fish food is actually costing you more in the long run. When your fish get the adequate nutrition they need, they’re not going to consume as much food, they’ll stay much more satisfied with less food, and therefore they’ll produce less waste.

Your fish will live LONGER and HEALTHIER lives.

a Your fish will live LONGER and HEALTHIER lives. Fish food that’s actually nutritious will induce a greater energetic feeding response in your fish. This means your marine pets will live longer and stay healthy because of their palatable, highly nutritious diet that comes from organic raw materials.

Your water atmosphere will be CLEANER.

Cleaning and replacing the filters on your pond or tank won’t need to be done as often because your fish are not producing as much waste. Because of their palatable and nutritionally dense diet, you will see less waste in your water atmosphere.

Bringing it together, you’ll be helping your marine pets live longer, feel nourished, and stay healthy… all while spending less money on fish food, cleaning, and filters for your pond or tank.


And it’s all because of Piscine Energetics.


We handcraft in small batches, Mysis shrimp fish food that’s made with the ideal fatty acid and protein profile. Harvested in Canada, PE Mysis contains high protein, low ash, and it’s designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in all varieties of freshwater aquarium fish.


Collected, designed, manufactured, produced, you name it! We did it in Canada to ensure the fresh quality of our product and the ability to deliver it directly to your doorstep.


If you are not finding the size that you are looking for or you’re not satisfied with our product, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you.

Are You Ready?

By purchasing one bucket of Piscine Energetics’ highly nutritious, palatable, pristine-quality fish food.

We’ll donate the same bucket to your local aquarium to help preserve the marine life we all appreciate and adore.

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