Piscine Energetics has long been known for our highly nutritious, palatable and sustainable frozen mysis. For over two decades we have been feeding fish in public aquariums, ornamental aquaculture farms and living rooms around the world.  As leaders in sustainable aquaculture nutrition, we are proud to provide an array of diets from larval microdiets to finishing foods for broodstock.

At Piscine Energetics, we are more than a fish food manufacturer. We are a strong industry partner, committed to providing our sustainable aquaculture feed and expertise to help your aquaculture farm produce socially responsible and ecologically sustainable protein. With an ever-increasing demand for clean, sustainable protein, we are proud to be on the leading edge of sustainable aquaculture. Contact us today and let us know how we can help your farm reach its greatest potential.


Flash frozen on site, PE® Mysis Frozen remains a fish food favorite for private aquarium enthusiasts and public aquarium curators alike.

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Our patented PE Pellet manufacturing process utilized cold extrusion technology to preserve the integrity of our high quality ingredients. From microdiets to specialty broodstock formulas, we have you covered!

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