At Piscine Energetics, we know that sustainability and biosecurity are of the utmost importance to Aquarium and Zoological institutions. That is why we have partnered with the British Columbia Department of Fisheries to develop a sustainable, ecologically responsible fish feed. With over decade of serving public aquaria, our track record speaks for itself. We work closely with public institutions all over the world to provide highly nutritious, clean, specific pathogen free fish food.

From wrasses to whale sharks, we have it covered. Contact us today and let us know how we can help your institution reach its goals. We are the curator’s choice.

PE Frozen

Flash frozen on site, PE® Mysis Frozen remains a fish food favorite for private aquarium enthusiasts and public aquarium curators alike.

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PE Pellets

Due to popular demand, our PE Mysis Shrimp fish food is now available in convenient, easy to use pellet form.

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PE Flakes

Continually innovating to serve up our nutrient rich PE Mysis Shrimp fish food in a variety of forms for fresh and saltwater fish.

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