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Posted October 3, 2018

Welcome to the Piscine Energetics blog! As the number one producer of sustainable frozen mysis we are very excited to introduce our blog series to the fish keeping community.

Here at Piscine Energetics, we are crazy about fish food! From PE Mysis, PE Calanus, to PE Flakes and PE Pellets, we live and breathe fish nutrition. For over fifteen years we have been supplying the public aquaria and hobbyist market with the most superior and sustainable form of frozen mysis for our beloved pet fish. Due to the success and high quality of our frozen mysis, and the countless requests from our customers, we have spent the last several years working with researchers and aquatic nutritionists to develop the most advanced pelleted and flake food on the market today.

But first, a little about us! We are company conceived through conservation and driven to perfection. In the late 1960’s, Mysis Shrimp were introduced to Northern Canadian lakes with the belief that dwindling lake fish stocks would rebound by feeding on the new food source.

The initiative backfired.

Native Kokanee Salmon couldn’t feed on the Mysis Shrimp that resided in the deeper, cooler waters of the lake during the day. Meanwhile, the Mysis would ascend to the lake surface during the night and gorge on phytoplankton, robbing the juvenile salmon of their main source of food.

Fish stocks eventually began declining even more.

Piscine Energetics came forward with a brilliant solution. Working closely with government researchers, the company introduced a world first, harvesting methodology to net the Mysis Shrimp while they feasted on phytoplankton through the night and throughout the warm seasons.

In one fell swoop, we were ridding the lake of a dangerous invasive species and giving the young salmon a fighting chance while at the same time harvesting the Mysis Shrimp loaded with nutrient rich plankton.

This breakthrough earned us an exclusive license to commercially fish Mysis Shrimp at night and become the world’s only producer of PE® Mysis, recognized by private aquarium owners, retailers and public aquarium curators as the freshwater and saltwater fish food of choice.

Keep your eye out here for our exciting new blog series where we will be highlighting new products, answering FAQ’s, as well as visiting some of the many retail shops, public aquariums, aquaculture farms and research institutions that rely on our products to provide the sustainable nutrition their animals deserve.