Piscine Energetics PE Pledge

At Piscine Energetics Inc., our unwavering commitment is to restore and protect aquatic species worldwide through diligent conservation efforts and exceptional products. We pledge to safeguard the delicate balance of our planet’s aquatic ecosystems, leaving a lasting impact for future generations.

Conservation at Our Core: 

We understand that conservation is not just a mission; it’s our identity. For over two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to combat the invasive Mysis shrimp, preserving native salmon populations in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, and beyond. Our initiatives are a testament to our deep-rooted commitment to ecological sustainability.

Kokanee Salmon

Innovative Transformation

We transform challenges into solutions. By sustainably harvesting the invasive Mysis shrimp and crafting them into premium fish feeds, we ensure the well-being of aquatic life while catering to the needs of aquariums, research facilities, and hobbyists. Our innovation is a reflection of our dedication to both nature and our community.

Global Impact

Our conservation efforts know no bounds. Through partnerships with captive breeding labs and collaborative projects worldwide, we actively participate in the rehabilitation of diverse aquatic species. From the Fulu cichlids of Lake Victoria to Florida’s Coral Reef, we work tirelessly to promote a healthier environment on a global scale.


Sustainable Practices

Our actions echo our beliefs. We champion eco-friendly practices by using 100% recycled materials for our product packaging, reducing waste, and minimizing our carbon footprint. Our practices speak volumes about our commitment to preserving the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

Supporting Aquariums with your purchase

By choosing Piscine Energetics products, you become part of a shared vision. With every purchase, you support our journey toward a world where aquatic ecosystems thrive in harmony. A portion of every purchase helps to support our Save Your Aquarium Campaign. Together, we pledge to create a legacy of conservation, contributing to the well-being of our planet’s aquatic life and securing a brighter, sustainable future.

Join us in our commitment to preserve nature’s wonders. With the Piscine Energetics Conservation Pledge, we stand united for the betterment of our environment, demonstrating that even a small shrimp can make a big impact.