Your fish will get MORE nutrition from LESS food.

More affordable fish food is actually costing you more in the long run. When your fish get the adequate nutrition they need, they’re not going to consume as much food, they’ll stay much more satisfied with less food, and therefore they’ll produce less waste.

Your fish will live LONGER and HEALTHIER lives.

a Your fish will live LONGER and HEALTHIER lives. Fish food that’s actually nutritious will induce a greater energetic feeding response in your fish. This means your marine pets will live longer and stay healthy because of their palatable, highly nutritious diet that comes from organic raw materials.

Your water atmosphere will be CLEANER.

Cleaning and replacing the filters on your pond or tank won’t need to be done as often because your fish are not producing as much waste. Because of their palatable and nutritionally dense diet, you will see less waste in your water atmosphere.